Thursday, May 27, 2010


I get very restless. I have a thirst for new and different places and activities.  I have heard about Ringing Rocks Park for a while but have never been there. It's only about an hour away.  It was a nice afternoon yesterday so I started off on my quest.
I missed the first turn off Rt 32 and had to take another road to get there. A tiny drive, you would miss it if you blinked. Another couple arrived when I did, and we finally found the trail through the woods to the boulders.
Definitely a strange place. The other people there were hammering away, some rocks ring more than others.

I started back on the trail to find the waterfall.  I had forgotten that the bugs are out and left home without bug repellent. Gnats are just so annoying when they fly in your face, and there are so many of them.  And then I came upon a guardian on the path.  I am no fan of snakes, and although he was small and harmless, I decided I would come back another day!


Designs by Victoria said...

Glad you found him, not me! Looks like a lovely spot, though.

Vandiva said...

Looks beautiful. Minus the snake of course!

Made By Tammy said...