Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Early Spring

The weather this winter has been mysterious. A huge snowstorm for Halloween, then little snow the rest of the year, unusually warm, very strange. Now we are blessed with a very early spring. Some areas have freeze warnings, but typically, we are a zone 6, with frost possible right up until May.  Now, I look outside my window an think I am seeing snow balls! The magnolia, pear and cherry trees are blooming away, with dashes of forsythia.

I'm enjoying some NJ finds like this cute bunny from the shop fromnancysheart on Etsy !
There is still a chill in the air overnight, so we still need to bundle up. How about this cowl from happiknits?

Ther eis nothing so precious as having a flower that will last forever.I love the craftsmanship in this beautiful flower necklace by Debbie at stoutdg. It's perfect for you favorite girl, don't you think?
 Remember, shop local, help a real person!