Sunday, August 07, 2011

Salvadore Dali, where are you?

I had a very unusual day today. Was awakened by a phone call about 5 am to go to work, I wasn't expecting to work until late in the afternoon. My life is full of these surprises.
Atlantic City here I come. To run a train from Atlantic city to New York. I travelled over 500 miles today on the ground. My Prius claims it got over 60 MPG. Locomotives are very energy efficient. I was happy to have a green day.
Atlantic City is very alluring, blue skies with white and pristine buildings as you approach it during the day, red accents and sleek towers by night. It wants your money, so the seedier side is not so apparent at first glance.
New York slaps you in the face and says, “WAKE up baby, you're here! Pay attention!”  Contrary to what you have heard Penn Station is the epicenter of New York, not Times Square. You will see everyone there, from the homeless, to the rich and famous, as well as tourists from around the world. Yes, it's true. I met Bill Cosby once, he was taking the train to Princeton. Places like Times Square are for tourists and the natives avoid going there unless they are going to a show. The area around Penn Station has retained a sense of the the real dirty world we live in, it's not all glitz and glitter. The Empire State building looms in the East, the neoclassic Farley Post office squats to the west, the skyline a jumble of new and old boxes and towers. Taxis and buses and crowds, oh my!
I had decided on Chinese food for lunch. The Chinese food in New York is probably the best anywhere, except of course for China. I walked a few blocks to order my lunch. There were a few people of questionable gender in the plain restaraunt, a scene I had not expected at lunchtime. My lunch was made quickly and I returned to the station and employee “lounge” to eat.
Back on the road, or rather the rails to return to Atlantic City.
I was thrilled to stop at my favorite place to a quick dinner before I went home. Many tan bodies and gold jewelry, happy families with children enjoying a relaxing meal. What a contrast between the Jersey scene and New York, New York.
I'm reeling just a bit, Dali would have loved it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Queen of the World

In case you haven't heard, I am now Queen of the World. Yes, that's right Queen of the World!

Laura Stamper made this ring and when she announced it, I saw my name all over it, so it's mine and I am now Queen.

 I went to my favorite place in the kingdom today, the Grounds for Sculpture.   If you don't believe me,  my friend and protector, King Lear will affirm that indeed, I am Queen of the World!

I love visiting this place.  The landscaping is so interesting and tonight it was so quiet.  I sat by this pool and admired many of Laura's mermaids swimming silently.

So I must tell you that while there can only be one Queen, you can feel special when you find your self at Laura's shop!  I am sure that you are there, just take a look!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bitbots & the Animals

I know you are wondering what the heck is a bitbot?  They are creations of a brilliant young man, Asher.  You can read more about them here.  I've started a clan.  They are very amiable, and have come to be very fond of my cat Gracie.  In fact, they are quite concerned about the welfare of animals.  They decided that Ms. DeVille needed to be educated about the way puppies should be treated.  I really don't think she paid much attention to what they had to say.  But she had better watch out because their numbers are growing and they will return to check on the puppies.

Next, they decided they wanted to head far away and meet the most unique creature, the kangaroo.  While they are in Australia, I think I'll ask them to stop and see another very talented jewelry artist I know, Mandy from Beadsme.  I've been lusting for this necklace. I sure hope the bitbots remembered to take some money with them!