Friday, May 27, 2011

Queen of the World

In case you haven't heard, I am now Queen of the World. Yes, that's right Queen of the World!

Laura Stamper made this ring and when she announced it, I saw my name all over it, so it's mine and I am now Queen.

 I went to my favorite place in the kingdom today, the Grounds for Sculpture.   If you don't believe me,  my friend and protector, King Lear will affirm that indeed, I am Queen of the World!

I love visiting this place.  The landscaping is so interesting and tonight it was so quiet.  I sat by this pool and admired many of Laura's mermaids swimming silently.

So I must tell you that while there can only be one Queen, you can feel special when you find your self at Laura's shop!  I am sure that you are there, just take a look!