Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Thanksgiving tale

My cat, Igor, has had an eye problem for a while. like glaucoma, it was swollen and had started to become bloody. The only solution was to remove the eye. He had adjusted to losing the eyesight very well and was fine running around the house. He has a heart murmur and is not a young lad , so surgery was a big risk.
Last visit to the vet, I had pretty much decided that surgery was too expensive for such a risky situation, and that I would say goodbye when the situation became too severe.
Saturday morning he did not look too well. I had an important meeting, and said a prayer to make it through the weekend. I had called a very good friend and persuaded them to take me to the Ship Inn, one of my favorite places , for dinner. The food and beer are always very good and I was looking for comfort in the sad situation I was facing.
out of the blue, I spotted some friends I had not seen in almost 2 years at the door! They had stopped 2 other places, and were unable to get dinner, so headed to The Ship. They got a table for dinner, and we joined them for some friendly chat. They told me a story about one of their cats who was almost lost but survived due to an unexplained miracle.
It came to me later that it was divine intervention that brought them to the Ship to save Igor!
He had his surgery Tuesday, is doing very well, and I will bring him home Wednesday.

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